Thursday, July 14, 2011

Solidboy V2.0

SOLIDBOY has travelled the universe as a blank mask for centuries before he discovered the life of humans on earth. As life turns into memories, out of curiosity SOLIDBOY began to devour human memories into images.. which then was portrayed on its' mask. Ever since, the face is no longer blank again. A cheerful memory results in a flowery pattern mask, while a traumatic memories makes it looks disturbed. The journey to find the perfect memory begins!

At this point in time, SOLIDBOY met a victorious warrior that just came back from war.

The pattern for Solidboy V2.0 is more aggressive compared to V1.0. Since the concept of Solidboy is about a masked spectre that roam around feeding on memories, I want to show how different memories can alter the look of Solidboy.

All details on the other body parts are totally different too. While V1.0 got floral pattern on his arms, V2.0 is now bearing a batik pattern called "Parang Rusak"which mean Broken Knife. Traditionally this pattern is only worn by the proud Javanese warriors who came back from their glorious battle.

Maintaining the eco-friendly idealism, all Solidboy are made with recycle wood. Every wood block that is used to make Solidboy are hand picked to maintain the quality of the wood. Unlike vinyl or plastic toys which remain the same for years, as an organing material wood wiill give you different look from year to year. You could see how V1.0 is nore more red-ish compared to V2.0. What we see here is a 100% nature at work. I'm sure any collector will love to see how the wood reveal it's inner beauty as it age.

  • Dimension: 7.5 inch (h) x 8.5 inch (w) x 4.5 inch (d)
  • Material: Recycle solid wood
  • Limited to: 50 pieces worldwide
  • Price: US$ 190 (exclude shipping)
  • Signed and numbered, each piece is hand made and carved to perfection. It has 5 points articulations and comes with proof of authenticity made from brass plate.

Solidboy V2.0 close up

Solidboy V1.0 with V2.0

Solidboy V2.0 back

Solidboy V2.0 back details

Solidboy love detail!

Solidoboy V2.0 packaging

Solidboy V2.0 proof of authenticity

Solidboy back packaging

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