Sunday, June 26, 2011

Prime Post

After much consideration I have decided to start this new blog as a spin-off from my previous blog Saltnpaper . While I'm still going to share something that is toy related, the difference between this 2 blogs is that Saltnpaper will mainly still talk about my paper toy character line while Bismarck will cover mostly about my designer toy line.

These days I'm a bit busy preparing for the Taipei Toy Festival 2011, with the help of Plastic Culture we are going to launch a continuum of the previous Solidboy. Previously I did an ultra limited 5 pieces of the first batch of Solidboy with the intricate Javanese carving. This time around the second batch will be produced to 50 pieces.

The second batch will be called Solidboy v2.0. Maintaining the intricate carving details, Solidboy v2.0 will reveal a darker look compared to the first Solidboy. It will also come with a great packaging and also proof of authenticity made from brass plate.

Just to wrap up Solidboy's previous progress from my old blog , these are some WIP photos.

This is just to give you a clear view of what Indonesian craftmen can do.

The very first prototype of Solidboy, I would say this is v0.1

After gathering some feedback, I decided to change the face carving and make the line deeper.

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